MedicalFast - Systems and products for out-of-hospital emergency

Continuously supporting rescuers.
MedicalFast provides innovative systems and products designed for all types of rescue.

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Highlighted products

AUR (Advanced Urban Rescue) emergency scooter
Sanitisation and infection prevention
Special Trauma Care
Special rescue and active biocontainment
Stair climbers - Stair chairs
INSTRAMED multi-parametric monitors and defibrillators

Discover all our professional products for the following sectors:

  • Out-of-hospital emergency and MedEvac
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, specialised nursing facilities (SNFs)
  • Pharmacies
  • Training schools
  • Employment and industry
  • Civil defence, armed forces, fire brigade
  • Civil service offices, schools, municipalities
  • Sports clubs

Designing and equipping MedicalFast-made ambulances

In MedicalFast we know how to listen to your needs and transform your requirements into unique vehicles, modelled on you real needs. We combine skilful and expert design with the use of highly reliable, technologically and qualitatively performing materials and equipment, which are nevertheless simple and comfortable to use, always paying particular attention to price.

For those who work on ambulances,
every day

Our services go far beyond the provision of ambulances. MedicalFast is the ideal partner, who stands by your side every day and ensures just-in-time procurement of everything you need in order to make your rescue vehicles effective and safe for every type of operation.

In addition to equipping the ambulance, our experience enables us to offer you much more and to become a reliable and long-term partner for the supply of all the equipment needed inside a rescue vehicle with regard to: