“Advanced Urban Rescue“
The rescue vehicle for large urban areas and for difficult or limited access areas.

What is AUR

AUR “Advanced Urban Rescue” is the new advanced rescue system created by MedicalFast.

A unique system in the world, equipped with all the necessary tools for medical interventions, from the least to the most serious tool, capable of offering emergency staff utmost operating safety thanks to the stability of its three wheels.

The AUR system enables a medical crew of just two people to quickly reach the target area , places which a standard ambulance is not able to reach with agility due to its natural bulk.

Designed to get ahead in the most intense traffic of modern cities and metropolitan areas, such as the most diverse poorly accessible villages, historical centres, tourist areas, beaches or any context where traffic, architectural, logistic restrictions or heavy concentration of people can create issues to an emergency vehicle causing a delay in medical interventions.

AUR enables the medical crew to get off the vehicle without using the motorcycle stand in complete safety.

With AUR a doctor and nurse can go to the target area with all the necessary equipment, including the Next extrication device for securing the cervical spine and vertebral column.

Details that make the difference

The three bags hold all the medical materials that can fit in a conventional emergency vehicle, including electro-medical equipment, from the aspirator to the display with data transmission.
The internal capacity of the underseat can be used to store a portable oxygen bottle and emergency helmets.

AUR is fitted with a siren and flashing beacon on the right side whose height can be adjusted, lights placed on the head of the motorcycle with attached sirens and a series of blue strobe lights on the front and back, to allow the vehicle to have more visibility during the day and night.
AUR is fitted with a powerful rear light for better lighting of the intervention scene at night of the intervention scene and for the safety of the crew, as well as rear and front video cameras with image recording to guarantee safety during medical interventions to both the rescuers and the patient.
A very important feature is the option to equip AUR with a tablet with a navigational system connected to the 112 operating central.

AUR can reach the target area quickly and safely, so that the injured person can be stabilized and then transferred to an emergency department with an ambulance.
The vehicle can be driven with a type B license and can be customized with the livery of the association, or as needed, thanks to the support of the Technical Team of MedicalFast.
AUR is a safe vehicle, ideal for modernizing first aid interventions with the purpose of speeding up service execution times.
AUR has been designed for campaigns aimed at the population, as well as for innovative home care services.

Safety, advanced technology and optimisation of spaces

AUR fittings

    White saddle for two people, 2 rear sirens with type-approved sound, 2 blue, 2 blue front led emergency lights, rear manual rod with 360° blue control led, ON/OFF witch control unit.
    2 side bags (1 left and 1 right) made of cordura fabric with waterproof zipper and motorcycle bracket, fitted with 5 small internal,
    1 rear bag made of cordura fabric with waterproof zipper and motorcycle bracket, 1 rear and front video camera kit, 1 spare battery,
    1 additional light for back lighting,
    6 blue led blinkers, 1 customizable livery.
    Microform helmets, rain/cold proof clothing,

Some examples of customization

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