Combines the power of dry steam with a
patented formulation based on colloidal copper and silver.

Disinfects surfaces for more than 48 hours.

Sanitises and cleans large areas, such as:

Intensive care and resuscitation units, nursing homes, emergency rooms, specialised nursing facilities, company canteens, food companies, shopping centres, trains, airplanes, schools, gyms and churches.

Neusteril plus, the ready-to-use decontaminating liquid disinfectant.

NEUSTERIL PLUS can be used with steam generators or triggers with bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal action. It is suitable for external use for medical device surfaces, medical and dental surgeries, specialised nursing facilities, hospitals, surgical rooms, etc. It is used for the disinfection of: medical furniture, electro-medical equipment, equipment classified as medical devices, e.g. radiological equipment (NMR, CT, radiography, echography and healthcare beds).

The only winning combination that does not damage materials and surfaces in any way.

NEUSTERIL PLUS is the only substance that remains active for more than 48 hours.

SANITYFAST with NEUSTERIL PLUS, the integrated system specifically created to solve the sanitisation problems of environments, surfaces, medical and electronic equipment, combines efficiency and the time needed to treat environments with extreme simplicity, enabling the same operator to sanitise large surfaces in a very short time.

Thanks to the strength of its dry vapour, which is delivered and atomised at 4/7 microns, SANITYFAST sanitises a room of 100 square metres, including ceilings, walls and everything inside it, in just a few seconds. The solution can be sprayed up to a radius of 1.5 m in any direction, allowing the particles to reach any surface and equipment, including the inside of cupboards, drawers and any type of container.

SANITIFAST is equipped with two tanks. The first contains the water necessary for steam production.
The second contains NEUSTERIL PLUS, which is transported by the steam particles, creating a dry mist that quickly saturates the rooms.

SANITYFAST and NEUSTERIL PLUS do not pollute and cause no damage to people, property or environments. The steam produced is dry and cold, leaves surfaces completely dry and does not damage any plastics, metals, touch screens, electronic and/or electrical devices that are widely available in ambulances, specialist examination rooms and high-tech environments.

A study carried out at the University of Bolognafound a particle size ranging between 0.5 μm and 7 μm, with a clear predominance of the former. This condition makes no drying operation necessary.

Disinfectant with physical action for professional use

NEUSTERIL PLUS has high disinfectant activity with exclusively physical action. The solution, therefore, has a broad spectrum of action against bacteria, fungi and viruses: • Bactericidal activity (gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria) • Fungicidal and antimycotic activity • Sporicidal activity • Virucidal activity. Disinfects surfaces for more than 48 hours. Medical device based on PURE COLLOIDAL SILVER 99.99% and PURE COLLOIDAL COPPER 99.99%.

Instructions for use: NEUSTERIL PLUS does not attack any surface as it has no chemical action It disinfects and decontaminates surfaces without leaving stains and/or haloes. The NEUSTERIL PLUS solution eliminates by contact bacteria and viruses (e.g.: coronavirus, nora virus) that cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning. THE PRODUCT NEEDS NO DRYING OR REMOVAL and can also be used with steam generators or triggers.